“I’ve grown so much and learned so much in my three years with the program, especially how much I actually love playing baseball. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”
Kenta Sueyoshi
former Student-Athlete

“Baseball Beyond Borders organization are a class act. We feel very fortunate at Seattle University to be able to reach out and help the organization grow from a baseball instruction stand point. All of the young men and coaches come in and are excited about this wonderful game we are able to play. More people need to get on board with this effort and help it soar!”
– Donny Harrel
Head Baseball Coach – Seattle University

“Baseball Beyond Borders program is more than a big to do in our community, if you asked several of the participating youth, you will find that it is rather “doing it big” in our communities. The program impacts so many lives that it would take a living spreadsheet, complete with rows one to a thousand to capture all the names of all the people involved. As a new found pillar of our community, BBB is a genuine example of a fruitful success that continues to blossom year after year turning good people into better people and turning what’s left into leaders.”
Leonard Sims
Former Coach and BBB Advocate

“My first off-season practice was amazing because, not only did I learn ways to improve my skills with fielding and hitting, I found out that anyone could come to the practices no matter what skill they had, and the coaches would turn them into a true baseball player.”
– Griffin Mueller
Former Player

“I believe in helping our youth to learn baseball which is a lot like life, one pitch at time….one swing at time. In life you will get a curve ball or something out of our control that is up to us to react and make the best out of it. Teaching kids in the community is a very rewarding feeling, and some kids are sharing the love for the game through Baseball Beyond Borders. Perhaps one day they will be in the big leagues or helping someone else get better and being discipline to achieve their goals in life to be a better person!”
– Nelson Lopez
Pitching Coach – Baseball Beyond Borders