Felix Hernandez Teams with MLBPA & MLB to award Baseball Beyond Borders $20,000

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MLBPA & MLB announce “Players Going Home” program to give select MLB players the opportunity to contribute to nonprofits in their home cities

 The Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) and Major League Baseball recently announced the creation of the “Players Going Home” Program, which allow players to demonstrate their gratitude and appreciation to those who have helped them along the path to major league success.  This program is part of the previously announced $30 million jointly-funded and jointly-administered youth initiative by MLBPA and MLB created to improve the caliber, effectiveness and availability of amateur baseball and softball programs across the United States and Canada.  Players, such as Felix Hernandez, distributed a total of $100,000 to local nonprofits organizations in their hometown or their “adopted homes” (i.e. where they play).

Baseball Beyond Borders (BBB) was selected by the MLBPA, Seattle Mariners and Felix Hernandez to receive $20,000 as a part of the Players Going Home Program. The funds awarded will continue to provide the appropriate access and opportunity for youth of colorThe funding will also provide Baseball Beyond Borders with the opportunity to promote baseball specific training and development to student-athletes on a year-round basis, which includes Fall Ball, Winter Hitting and Conditioning, support to High School and Community based programs and Summer Training/Game Play.  “It is our desire to bridge the social and economic impact between youth of color and the sport of baseball.  While our target is youth of color, we want a program reflective of the ethnic diversity that makes up the communities we serve”, states Founder/President Bookie Gates.

In addition to its work on the field, Baseball Beyond Borders will implement a college/career readiness model through its institutional partner, Moving Beyond 12 (MB12). MB12 is a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum for student athletes. It is a series of capacity building trainings to deliver student workshops, family engagement activities and one-to-one advising on pathways for post-secondary success.  Dr. Alexes Harris, BBB/MB12 Board of Director, expresses her gratitude, “This is an amazing recognition by MLBPA of the valuable work we are doing with BBB and MB12.  It is so important to make sure our youth are academically, emotionally and intellectually prepared to be successful in college, not just on the playing field, but in the classroom.  We prepare our youth for life success. The financial support helps us in continuing to do just this.”